Behavior of SAP MI on the Mobile Device

You can configure how SAP MI is to behave on the mobile device. For example, you can determine the synchronization behavior and password settings. The configuration is controlled using parameters in the file MobileEngine.config (see Configuration of Mobile Devices).

You can find an overview of all the parameters in Parameters in MobileEngine.config. You configure the following areas:

?      General Parameters for Synchronization

?      Parameters for Synchronization Using the Synchronization Service

?      Parameters for Time-Controlled Synchronization

?      Parameters for Repetitive Synchronization

?      Parameters for Data Packaging

?      Parameters for Data Compression

?      Parameters for Security and Authentication

?      Parameters for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Support

?      Parameters for Loading System Libraries

?      Parameters for System Messages

?      Parameters for Tracing

?      Parameters for Data Carrier Synchronization

?      Parameters for the AWT Application User Interface

?      Parameters for Single Sign-On

?      Parameters for the Language Check for Applications

?      Parameters for Installation Control

?      Parameters for Controlling Deployment

?      Parameters for Database Configuration

You can distribute the configuration to the mobile device as follows:

?      By preconfiguring the installation (see Preconfiguring the SAP MI Client (Optional))

?      Using parameter sets and device configurations (see Configuration of Mobile Devices Using Device Configurations)

?      Using a configuration file (in exceptional cases only) if the parameter is not provided by a parameter set (see Configuration of Mobile Devices Using the Configuration File)