Configuring Reset Option for Logon Password


With this option, you can activate and deactivate the option of resetting the logon password. If you activate this option, the user can reset his or her password online using the synchronization password. Where this is not possible, the client must be completely reinstalled if the user has forgotten their logon password.


Add the following parameters to the file MobileEngine.config:

To activate the reset option:

MobileEngine.Security.ResetLocalLogonPassword=true (default)

To deactivate the reset option:


To do this, use one of the methods described in Configuration of Mobile Devices.


If you have activated the reset option, the logon screen for the user contains the button Reset Password. If the user has forgotten his or her logon password, he or she can log on to the server using the synchronization password and set a new logon password without having to specify the old one.

If the handling option for the synchronization password has been set to local (meaning the synchronization password is identical to the logon password), you have to reset the synchronization password first for the user to be able to reset the logon password so that the user can use the synchronization password to verify his or her identity on the server. In this case, the user has to reset the local logon password to the reset synchronization password to keep the two passwords identical.