Setting Up Administrator Users


If you configured the MI usage type automatically using the template installer in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, you do not have to carry out the steps described in this section.

Before administrators can use the Mobile Administrator, they must have the necessary authorizations to do so.

Only administrators require a user for the Mobile Administrator.


You have the authorization to create roles and users and to assign authorizations.

Starting UME User Administration

Start the SAP NetWeaver Administrator. Log on as an administrator, and choose Administration  ®  User&Access.

The system opens the User Management window.

Creating Roles

Alternatively, you can use the existing roles SAP_JAVA_NWMOBILE_ADMIN_READONLY and SAP_JAVA_NWMOBILE_ADMIN_SUPER. If you choose to do this, check that the role contains all the authorizations you require.


       1.      Choose Roles from the navigation area.

       2.      Choose Create New.

       3.      Enter a name and description for the new role.

       4.      Select the required actions and choose Add.

All authorizations for the Mobile Administrator contain the character string tc~mobile~admin~ump. The names of the actions can differ, depending on the system configuration.

       5.      Save your entries.

Creating or Searching for Users


       1.      Check if the required user already exists. If the user does not already exist, choose Create User in the navigation area and enter the information as required.

       2.      Choose Create to create a user.

Assigning Roles to User


       1.      Choose Roles from the navigation area.

       2.      Enter * (asterisk) in the search field and start the search.

       3.      Select the roles beginning with SAP_JAVA_NWADMIN and the newly created role.

       4.      Choose Assign User to...

       5.      Choose Add Users.

       6.      Find the users that you want to assign the roles to.

       7.      Select the required users in the result list and choose Select.