Deployment of Mobile Components on the Mobile Device


This process shows how the deployment of mobile components is performed on the mobile device.

Process Flow

Deploying mobile components on the mobile device involves the following steps:


       1.      With each synchronization, the mobile device passes the list of currently registered applications and their releases to the server.

       2.      The server compares this list with the corresponding information in the Mobile Administrator.

       3.      If a mobile application is missing, or a release inconsistency exists, the server requests the client to download the application.

You can define how mobile components are downloaded onto the mobile device. For more information (see Configuring Mobile Component Downloads).

       4.      In this case, the client downloads the application from the virtual file system, registers the application in the registry for SAP MI, enhances the class path, and generates a link to the SAP MI home page.

       5.      The enhanced class path only takes effect after the user has restarted the client.