Role Editing


You can use this process to assign authorizations to users. Authorizations are assigned according to the SAP authorization concept. For more information, see Users and Roles (BC-SEC-USR) and SAP Authorization Concept.

Process Flow


       1.      You create roles with the required mobile applications or enhance existing roles to include the mobile applications.

       2.      You assign the required authorization objects to the created roles. For more information about the necessary authorization objects for the different roles, see Creating Service Users and Creating Individual Users.

       3.      You configure user-specific data filtering for the applications contained in the role by assigning the authorizations to the above roles that control user-specific data filtering (see Defining User-Specific Data Filtering). The documentation for the applications contains information about the authorizations that must be assigned here.

       4.      You assign the corresponding roles to the users . You can combine users into user groups.