Defining Data Carrier Synchronization


If the users do not have a stable Internet connection, they can synchronize using data carriers such as memory sticks, diskettes and DVDs. The users store the data on a data carrier and send this data to the administrator. The administrator synchronizes with the back-end systems in the Mobile Administrator and sends the data carrier back to the users. The users can now update the data on their mobile devices. For more information about the tasks of the administrator, see Synchronizing Data Carriers with the Back End. For more information about the tasks of the user, see Performing Synchronization.

To enable users to synchronize using data carriers, you must configure the mobile devices appropriately.


?     At least one application must be installed on the mobile device to allow the user to synchronize with a data carrier.

?     You can only synchronize application data with data carrier synchronization. You cannot deploy applications on the mobile device.



Add the following parameters to the file MobileEngine.config:

?     For activation of data carrier synchronization: MobileEngine.Sync.ViaFile.Enabled=true

?     For the possible media sizes for data carrier synchronization: MobileEngine.Sync.ViaFile.DefaultTargetSizes

?     For the minimum medium size: MobileEngine.Sync.ViaFile.MinimumTargetSize

For more information on the possible values, see Parameters for Data Carrier Synchronization.

To do this, use one of the methods described in Configuration of Mobile Devices.