Assigning Mobile Components to a Device


You can assign mobile components to a device directly. In doing so, you must define the user of the mobile device so that you can specify whom these settings apply to.

Use this procedure in exceptional cases or for test purposes only.

Alternatively, you can assign the mobile components using device configurations (standard) (see Assigning Mobile Components Using Device Configuration).


?     The user must be available in the system and must be assigned to the same hierarchy group as the other users of the mobile device. If the user is not assigned to a hierarchy group, applications can be assigned to those users only who are likewise not assigned to a hierarchy group.

?     The mobile component exists in the system.

?     You have started the Mobile Administrator.



       1.      Switch to the Device Maintenance function.

       2.      Find the device that you want to assign the mobile component to.

       3.      Select the device in the results list and choose the Mobile Components tab page.

       4.      Choose Add.

       5.      Choose a user and assign the mobile components.

       6.      Save your entries.