Preconfiguring on Windows Mobile Platforms



       1.      Choose the runtime environment that you want to change. For each runtime environment there is one ZIP file. The ZIP files reside in the following directories:

0     JSP runtime environment: ...\Tom\cabfiles\zip

0     AWT runtime environment: ...\Core\cabfiles\zip

       2.      Create a directory and unzip the ZIP file to it.

       3.      Adjust the inf file:

                            a.      Open the inf file in directory cabfiles.

                            b.      Search for the section [SourceDiskNames] in the file and adapt the paths in accordance with the directory created in step 2.

Possible paths are for example: C:\BUILD\GENDIRS\patch_ME\opt\java\packaged\full\Core 

or C:\BUILD\GENDIRS\dev\opt\java\packaged\full\Tom

       4.      Adjust the CAB files as required. You can predefine or set certain parameters (see Behavior of SAP MI on the Mobile Device).

To avoid system performance problems caused by temporary Internet files you can limit their size. To do this you need to change the registry. You can find more information on the necessary settings in Note 851831.

       5.      If you do not have a Microsoft CabWiz tool yet, proceed as follows:

                            a.      Download the Software Development Kit for the required Windows Mobile version in the Internet from the Microsoft Download Center:

Download Center ® Windows Mobile

¦      Pocket PC 2002 Software Development Kit

¦      SDK for Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs

¦      Developer Resources for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

¦      Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK for Pocket PC

                            b.      Install the required Software Development Kit.

       6.      Copy the following CabWiz tool files from the installation directory into the directory containing the file makecab.bat:

0     cabwiz.ddf

0     cabwiz.exe

0     makecab.exe

       7.      Open the file makecab.bat with a text editor and replace ${} with the name of the inf file contained in the directory cabfiles.

       8.      Call the file makecab.bat with a double click.

This program creates the new file in the directory cabfiles.

       9.      Use this file for the installation on the mobile device.