Setting the Screen Mode of the SAP MI Client


You can define that the client on the mobile device always starts in full-screen mode, in minimized mode, or as a service in the background by adding files to the installation.

If you only want to start the client only once in full-screen mode or minimized mode, you can do this with the following call:

mobileengine.exe –f for full-screen mode

mobileengine.exe –s for minimized mode



       1.      Create an empty text file named fullscreen.txt for full-screen mode, minimizedFile.txt for minimized mode, or startasservice.txt for service mode.

       2.      Copy the newly created text file back to the directory. Add this file to directory \uncomp\program files\SAP Mobile Infrastructure\Ext1, see also Adding Files and Directoriess.

       3.      Start the file setup.exe in the directory \uncomp.

       4.      Start the client and check whether it starts in configured mode.


The client always starts in full-screen mode, minimized mode or as a service.