Definition of Start-Up Parameters


You can use this function to define which applications are automatically started when the mobile device is started. The device sends the status of the respective application to the Computing Center Management System (CCMS). If a mandatory application cannot be started, the system generates an error (red). 


This function uses the alert function from the CCMS.


?     If you want to be able to start a mobile application, you must make sure the automatic login function works on the mobile device. 

?     The mobile applications for which the start-up parameters are to be transferred must be assigned to the user.

?     The CCMS has been configured (see SAP MI in the Computing Center Management System).


You can define the following:

?     The order in which the applications are started (by means of the number used)

?     Whether the application must be started or not (using the values MANDATORY and OPTIONAL respectively)

?     Whether a restart is forced (parameter FORCERESTART=TRUE)


You define the values for the parameters in a parameter set (see Defining the Parameter Sets). Use the STARTUP type to configure system behavior when the device is started.  Use the following syntax:


If the application is not entered into the search path (environment variable PATH), the [Application_Name] must include the path to the application.

You can force a restart of the device by using the parameter FORCERESTART.


Use the monitor function or the Device Maintenance function in the Mobile Administrator to monitor the status of the applications on the mobile device. Alternatively, you can call CCMS directly (using transaction RZ20).