Framework Files

The framework files contain the runtime environment for mobile applications. The framework files are usually already available on the server and are displayed in the Mobile Administrator as mobile components. If the files cannot be found, you must deploy the files on the server. To do this, proceed as you would when deploying other mobile components. For more information, see Deployment of Mobile Components.

More specifically, these files are:

Framework Files

Name in Mobile Administrator



For applications with the AWT runtime environment, application type Framework

File for deployment:


For applications with the JSP runtime environment, application type Framework

File for deployment:


For PDAs, application type JVM

The files for the various processors adhere to the following naming convention:

CrEme<Version>_<Processor>_<Version of operating system>_<Name of operating system>_minimal.CAB

?     Version of CrEme: For example, 324 for Version 3.24 or 325b13 for Version 3.25b13

?     Processor: Prior to Version 3.25:  XSC for XScale, PXA and others or ARM for Strong ARM; as of Version 3.25 AX for all processors

?     Version of operating system: CE 30 for Pocket PC 2002 and Windows CE 3.x or CE4x for Pocket PC 2003 or Windows CE.Net 4.x

?     Name of operating system: PPC for Pocket PC or HPC for Windows CE

When using JVM files, note the comments under Prerequisites.


Only if you are using the SAP MI security components, application type SSL

If you upload additional framework files for different platforms and languages, they are also called either MOBILEENGINE_AWT or MOBILEENGINE_JSP.

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