Database Files

In order for the mobile applications to be able to store data on the mobile device, you must install a supported database such as IBM DB2 Everyplace before you install the application. When installing on the mobile device, note the following:

?     If mobile applications were already installed, you must uninstall them before installing the database.

?     If you want to install the database from an installation sequence, install the database as the first in the installation sequence (see Defining the Installation Sequence (Optional)sa).

The database files are usually already available on the server after the installation. If the files cannot be found, you must deploy the files on the server. To do this, proceed as you would when deploying other mobile components. For more information, see Deployment of Mobile Applications. The following files are relevant:

Database Files

Mobile Device

With Encryption

Without Encryption

PDA with ARM processor or Intel Xscale processor

Mobile device with Windows XP

Mobile device with Windows NT or Windows 2000

Check the following Notes:

?      Note 732737 is the collective note for the usable databases.

?      If the mobile device has Pocket PC 2002 as its operating system and you want to use encryption, the Microsoft Encryption Pack must be installed on the mobile device (see Note 728746).