Creating RFC Destinations Pointing to the Back End

You create an RFC destination pointing to the back end in the system on which the ABAP server is running. You need the RFC destination to make the SAP MI methods, function modules, and synchronizer created in the back end available in the ABAP server.

?      Create the RFC destination with the following naming convention: <Back-end system-ID>CLNT<Client>.

?      The RFC destination should have destination type 3 (connection to ABAP system).

?      The user specified under Logon must have authorization for all SAP MI-specific function groups contained in table BWAFMAPP.

?      If you want to use the RFC destination for SyncBOs of the type Back-End-Driven (T51) or Timed 2-Way (T01) with multi-language support, you must not specify a logon language when creating the RFC destination.

For more information, see Displaying, Maintaining and Testing Destinations and Entering Destination Parameters.