Defining Device Configurations


With device configurations you can configure mobile devices and assign mobile components without having direct access to them. A device configuration contains the following:

?     Parameter sets for the configuration of the mobile devices

?     Mobile components that are to be used on the mobile devices

?     Conditions for the validity of the device configuration

The device configuration can be assigned to a mobile device by means of the following types of assignments:

?     Using roles - in the function Device Configuration

?     Using hierarchies - in the function Hierarchy Grouping

?     Using a direct assignment to a single mobile device – in the function Device Maintenance


?     You have defined the required parameter sets (see Defining Parameter Sets).

?     The mobile components are available on the server.

?     You have started the Mobile Administrator.



       1.      Change to the function Device Configuration. Alternatively, you can start the transaction DEVICE_CONFIG.

       2.      Enter a name for the new device configuration and choose Create.

       3.      On the Parameter Sets tab page, enter the required parameter sets.

       4.      On the Mobile Components tab page, enter the required mobile components.

       5.      On the tab page Condition, specify the required conditions, for example, the CPU or the used database.

       6.      If you want to assign the device configuration to a role, specify the role on the Roles tab page that you want to assign the device configuration and, therefore, the parameter sets or mobile components to.

Run role synchronization (see Start Role Synchronization).

You can also assign the device configurations using a hierarchy or by means of device maintenance. For more information, see Assigning Device Configurations


After the next synchronization, the specified parameters are changed on all the devices to which the configuration is assigned (either directly, using a role, or using a hierarchy). The deployment is completed for the assigned mobile components.