Creating Setup Packages


You create setup packages that you can then use for the installation on the mobile device. Besides the client and configuration parameters, the setup package can contain (if required) data for a specific user. You can create the setup package either for multiple devices or on a user-specific basis.


?      See Mobile Device Installation Using Setup Packages.

?      You have started the Mobile Administrator.

?      Before setup packages can be installed on the mobile device, the following must already be installed: 

0       For Win32 systems: JDK 1.3.* or JDK 1.4.*.

0       For Windows Mobile Systems: Java Virtual Machine CrEme (to find out which is the right version, see Note 765433).

Preparing for the Creation of Setup Packages


       1.      Create several device configurations in which you assign mobile components and define conditions (see Configuration of Mobile Devices Using Device Configurations). The required operating system must be defined with these conditions.

One of the device configurations contains the mobile component for the framework only (for example, MOBILEENGINE_JSP). The others contain the mobile applications and parameter sets.

If you want to create setup packages with DB2E, another device configuration should include the add-on that you created under Creating the DB2E Add-On for Setup Packages.

       2.      Create a hierarchy, assign the user(s) to it, and assign the required device configurations to it (see Creating a Hierarchy). Assign the required device configurations (see Assigning Device Configurations).

If you create a user-specific setup package, assign the individual user to it.

If you create a setup package for several devices, assign the following users to it:

0       The technical user used for the creation and whom you have assigned to the service mi_mds (see Setting Up a Synchronization Service)

0       The individual users that are to use the setup package This assignment must be made before the users synchronize with the device for the first time.

You cannot change assignments of mobile components to device configurations or device configurations to hierarchy group later.

Creating Setup Packages for Multiple Devices

This setup package can be installed on several devices. The device is personalized when the user synchronizes for the first time. This package cannot contain any data.


       1.      Choose the Setup Packages function.

       2.      Choose Create.

       3.      Find the technical user and select him or her in the results list.

       4.      Select MDI.

       5.      Choose the platform and persistence layer you want to generate the setup package for. The package can be created for one platform only.

       6.      Do not choose Include Data. This option is only possible if you create a user-specific setup package.

       7.      Start the generation process.

Creating Setup Packages on a User-Specific Basis

This setup package can be installed on several devices by the same user. This package can contain data.


       1.      Choose the Setup Packages function.

       2.      Choose Create.

       3.      Find the required user or group and select it in the results list. Do not select MDI.

       4.      If you want to generate the setup package with data, select Include Data.

You can also set a filter. If you choose to do this, the process is interrupted after the deployment has been completed. You can then switch to the ABAP system and filter the data according to mobile ID using the MEREP_PD transaction.

       5.      Start the generation process.

       6.      If you activated the filter option, the process is interrupted. Change to the ABAP system, start the transaction MEREP_PD and filter the data as required. Change back into the Mobile Administrator and continue the generation process.

Once the generation has been completed you can download the package.

Downloading a Package



       1.      Find the generated setup package in the Mobile Administrator in the Setup Packages function.

       2.      Select it in the results list and switch to the General Information tab page.

       3.      Download the setup package using the link.

       4.      Copy it to the mobile device or transfer it to the user. For more information about the installation, see Installing Setup Packages (Administrator). The user of the mobile device can find more information under Installing the SAP MI Client Component Using a Setup Package.