Intermediate Filler Workload

Technical name: 0RC_FILLIWL


When a schedule is created in StaffWorks, the end user has the ability to modify forecasted volumes and workloads. These modifications will impact the final schedule that gets created. Prior to these modifications, however, StaffWorks generates a schedule in the background and stores the key figures related to it. These figures represent the schedule that StaffWorks would have created had the end user made no modifications and are referred to as "intermediate" values.

The intermediate value of the fixed and variable filler hours allocated to the workload. In contrast to static workload that has to be scheduled for certain times (for example, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.), filler workload refers to non-selling tasks that can be scheduled variably within certain time segments (for example, in the morning). As a rule, filler workload fills the gaps between workload peaks.

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