SAP StaffWorks Field Manager

Technical name: 0RC_ROLE_2

General tasks of the field manager are

  • Ensuring that the stores belonging to his field organization are always in a position to sell merchandise
  • Planning and controlling sales, cost and profit
  • Collaborating with corporate departments and store managers
  • Personnel administration

Activities in the Business Warehouse

The field manager is in charge of profitability, labor and sales performance in the stores belonging to his field organization.

Every activity corresponds to a cluster from one or more workbooks, which contain several queries that yield the relevant information.

The following workbooks are available for the field manager's activities:

Activity (Cluster)



Sales vs. Last Year

Sales vs. Plan

Manager Forecasted Sales

Key Business Driver


Actual Labor vs. Schedule

Actual vs. Scheduled Overtime

Labor Hour Distribution

Manager Forecasted Labor


Customer Service

Schedule Quality


Store Productivity

Department Productivity

Job Productivity


Store Operations Summary

Store Operations Summary vs. Plan

Store Operations Summary, Future Week

Reporting Stores