BI Content

BI Content is delivered as an add-on to SAP BI. The naming is SAP NW 2004s BI Content Add-on 3 SP02. This is referred to as BI Content below.


BI Content is a pre-configured set of role and task-related information models that are based on consistent metadata in SAP Business Intelligence. BI Content provides selected roles within a company with the information they need to carry out their tasks.

This information model includes integral roles, workbooks, queries, InfoSources, InfoCubes, DataStore objects, key figures, characteristics, update rules, and extractors for SAP applications.

BI Content can:

·         Be used in particular industries without being modified

·         Be modified, meaning you can work with it to any degree of detail

·         Serve as a template or an example for customer-defined BI Content.

In addition, Demo Content, which includes example data and can be used as display material, is available with SAP Business Intelligence.

Implementation Considerations

On one hand the comprehensive BI Content for SAP Business Intelligence enables a quick and cost-effective implementation. On the other hand, it provides a model that is based on experience gained from other implementations which can be used as a guideline during implementation.


SAP Business Intelligence delivers pre-configured objects under the collective term “BI Content”. These objects speed up the implementation of SAP Business Intelligence because they deliver complete solutions for business information needs.

BI Content includes:

·         Extractor programs for SAP systems

·         DataSources

·         Process chains

·         InfoObjects

·         InfoSources

·         InfoProviders (InfoCubes and DataStore objects)

·         Variables

·         Data mining models

·         Queries

·         Workbooks

·         Crystal Reports

·         Web templates

·         Roles