Technical Name: 0UC

SAP provides you with standard Business Content for utility companies for the SAP for Utilities solution.

Here you can find subjects and content created specifically to meet the requirements of utility companies. This includes a significant amount of key figures and characteristics for utilities-specific reporting. You can combine this information with data from other applications such as Controlling, Financial Accounting, Human Resources, or CRM.

The Business Content for SAP for Utilities consists of the following InfoAreas:

?     Process Management

?     Technical Content

?     Marketing

?     Sales Statistics

?     Sales (CRM)

?     Energy Data Management (EDM)

?     Transaction Statistics

?     Stock Statistics

?     Utilities Master Data

?     Sales Master Data (CRM)

?     Waste Disposal Industry

?     Deregulation (IDE)

?     Contract A/R & A/P

You can find information on evaluation objects that are valid for multiple InfoAreas under General Utilities.