Supplier Self-Services

Your suppliers can use Supplier Self-Services reporting to display data in the BI System. A special authorization concept ensures that your suppliers can only see selected reports. The reports are also filtered using an authorization variable.

Your suppliers can use Supplier Self-Service reporting to answer the following questions:

  • How much have I sold within the last months?

  • How are contracts being used? Are any contracts going to expire soon?

  • How do my customers rate me? How have my customers rated me in the past?

  • How much stock do I have in my consignment stores?

Technical Data

Available as of Release SUS 2.0 / SRM 4.0
BI Content Add-On Release BI Content 3.5.2


To make reporting for Supplier Self-Services available to your suppliers, you need a correctly configured SRM Supplier Self-Services or Supplier Portal with SAP BI connection.

The steps that you need to make in Supplier Self-Services and the BI system are detailed in "Supplier Enablement Using Supplier Self-Services - Reporting“.

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