Value Type in Funds Management (Texts)

Technical name: OFM_VTYPE_PU_TEXT

Technical data

Type of DataSource

Texts (Master Data)

Application Component

Master Data Funds Management

Available from OLTP Release

(IS-PS 4.61A) (EA-PS 1.10)

Available from Plug-In Release


RemoteCube Compatibility



This DataSource allows you to access the value type in Funds Management. This value type distinguishes between commitments/actuals and budget.

Make sure that this value type is not the same as the value type (WRTTP) used in the Funds Management in the OLTP system. For the budget, these value types are mapped in the BW system using a combination of the Value Type in Funds Management (OFM_VTYPE) and Budget Category in Funds Management (OFM_BUCAT) characteristics. For the commitment/actuals, they are mapped using a combination of the Value Type in Funds Management (OFM_VTYPE) and Commitments/Actuals Detailing in Funds Management  (OFM_ACTDETL) characteristics.

Delta Update

A Delta update is not supported.

Fields of Origin in the Extract Structure

Field in Extract Structure

Description of Field in the Extract Structure

Table of Origin

Field in Table of Origin


Language key

FM_VTYPE_ISPS domain fixed value


Key field of DataSource for texts

FM_VTYPE_ISPS domain fixed value


Description (long)

FM_VTYPE_ISPS domain fixed value