Cover group (text)

DataSource Texts DataSource Texts: 0PU_CVRGRP_TEXT

The texts for the cover groups are transferred with this DataSource.

Technical Data

Application Components Funds Management (PSM-FM) (0PSM_FM-IO)
Available as of Release EA-PS 6.0
Shipment SAP NW 2004s BI Content AddOn 2
Content Versions 7.02
RemoteCube-Capable No
Delta-Capable No
Extraction from Archives No
Verifiable No


You use the budget control system for budgeting in Funds Management (BCS).

Data Modeling

Fields of Origin for the Extract Structure
Fields in the Extract Structure Description of the Field in the Extract Structure Table of Origin Field in the Table of Origin
LANGU Language key fmcecvgrpt LANGU
FM_AREA FM area fmcecvgrpt FM_AREA
BUDCAT Budget category in Funds Management fmcecvgrpt BUDCAT
CVRGRP Cover group fmcecvgrpt CVRGRP
TEXT Short text for cover group fmcecvgrpt TEXT
DATETO Valid to date fmcecvgrpt FISCYEAR
DATEFROM Valid from date fmcecvgrpt FISCYEAR
Extractor Logic

Extraction structure IFMBWCVGRPT, extractor FM_BW_CVRGRP_TEXTS

Unsychronized Backup Recovery in BW System