Indicator: Non-eligible for cover (text)

DataSource Texts DataSource Texts: 0PU_NELIG_TEXT

The texts for the indicator for budget types that are non-eligible for cover are transferred with this DataSource. A budget type can be defined as eligible for cover or non-eligible for cover in Customizing. This has the following consequences:

  • If a budget type is eligible for cover, the corresponding budget or release values are available to cover the expenditure of all account assignments eligible for cover within a cover group (including the account assignment for which this posting is determined).

  • If a budget type is non-eligible for cover, the budget or release values are only available to cover expenditure of account assignments for this specific posting. However, the budget cannot be consumed by other account assignments within the cover group. If this indicator is set, the budget type is defined as non-eligible for cover.

Technical Data

Application Components Funds Management (PSM-FM) (0PSM_FM-IO)
Available as of Release EA-PS 6.0
Shipment SAP NW 2004s BI Content AddOn 2
Content Versions 7.02
RemoteCube-Capable No
Delta-Capable No
Extraction from Archives Yes
Verifiable No


You use the budget control system for budgeting in Funds Management (BCS).

Data Modeling

Fields of Origin for the Extract Structure
Fields in the Extract Structure Description of the Field in the Extract Structure Table of Origin Field in the Table of Origin
Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter “Extraktorlogik”. Table of origin
Extractor Logic

ROTEXTSTR1: Generic extraction structure for texts; Extractor: Domain FMCU_FLG_ELIGIBILITY

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