Carryforward Level

Technical Name: 0CF_LEVEL


You can use the characteristic Carryforward level to evaluate if documents or their predecessors originate from the previous year.

A purchase requisition (BANF) of 100.00 from the year 1999 is transferred into the year 2000. The commitments carried forward selects the BANF in the year 2000. A purchase order of 100.00, which is entered in the year 2000 with reference to this BANF, "inherits" this selection.

Besides this, a purchase order of 300.00 for the same account assignment is carried forward into the year 2000 and a purchase order of 600.00 is posted in 2000.

Two lines with the following amounts are then displayed under Carryforward level. 400.00 with carryforward level and 600.00 without carryforward level.

Technical data

Available from Release

4.5B (IS-PS 4.61A) (EA-PS 1.10)

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