Group for substring 2 of fund

DataSource Hierarchy DataSource Hierarchy: 0FD_SUB2_0410_HIER

The groups for substring 2 of the fund are transferred with this DataSource. The groups are displayed in BI as hierarchy of substring 2. If the subdivision of master data in the Customizing of Funds Management Government is active, you can subdivide your master data into several fields, so-called substrings. If you subdivide your master data, you can save more complex master data in your system. You can create a group for each substring and upload them to BI.

Technical Data

Application Components Funds Management (PSM-FM) (0PSM_FM-IO)
Available as of Release EA-PS 6.0
Shipment Start release of the BW system
Content Versions Content version
RemoteCube-Capable No
Delta-Capable No
Extraction from Archives Yes or No
Verifiable Yes or No


You must first activate the master data subdivision in the Customizing of Funds Management. The group for substring 2 of the fund must exist in the source system.

Data Modeling

Fields of Origin for the Extract Structure
Fields in the Extract Structure Description of the Field in the Extract Structure Table of Origin Field in the Table of Origin
Field in the extract structure Description of the field in the extract structure Table of origin Field of origin
Extractor Logic

The standard structure ROHIEROS of hierarchies of a DataSource is used as an extraction structure. The structure is filled with the standard extractor for CO groups GSBH_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_SETS.

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