Asset Accounting

Overview of Changes from BW Content Release 3.20

With Release 3.20, a reworked Business Content is provided for Asset Accounting. This can be used as an alternative to the previous Content. The main features of the new solution are:

Delta Extraction of Asset Master Data and Transaction Data

Objects that change or can be added on a daily basis can therefore be added to the BW system in real time, without the need to reload the whole dataset.

This affects the following objects:

·        Asset master data: For this, there is the Info Source 0ASSET_ATTR_TEXT, which replaces InfoSource 0ASSET.

·        Depreciation area of the asset: Info Source 0ASSET_AFAB has been expanded and can now be used with deltas.

·        Asset transaction data: InfoSources 0FI_AA_001 to 0FI_AA_006 can be replaced with 0FI_AA_11 and 0FI_AA_12.

Summarized Datasets in the new InfoCubes, Line Items in ODS-Objekten

Line items in the transaction data are initially stored in ODS objects and are available here for reporting at asset level. The line items are then posted to the InfoCubes and summarized by certain characteristics (asset class, cost center).

Linking the Extraction Procedure to Extraction in the General Ledger

To maintain a consistent dataset in Financial Accounting during data extraction, new and changed datasets are loaded for the same time interval for which line items in the General Ledger (OFI_GL_4) were last loaded. If no data exists for 0FI_GL_4, extraction is not linked to the General Ledger.


The new solution is based on new extractors that are available with Plug-In Release PI2003.1. Extractors only exist for the source system from R/3 Release 4.6 or higher.

To enable determination of the datasets, note 535016 must be installed in all OLTP systems, or the corresponding Support Package must be imported.

The BADI implementations for FIAA_BW_DELTA_UPDATE contained in the note are delivered inactive. These must be activated. See point 6 in the note.

Notes on the Delta Extraction Procedure

The extraction procedure used is based on the procedure used for the General Ledger: Financial Accounting: Prodcedure for Line Item Extraction  .

Pay particular attention to the section on global settings.

Sequence of Data Requests

For summarization of line items by master record characteristics (such as cost center) during posting of ODS objects to InfoCubes, master data must already exist prior to extraction of transaction data. The following sequence must therefore be kept to during extraction:

  1. 0FI_GL_4               
    General Ledger: line items (if required)
  2. 0ASSET_ATTR_TEXT          
    Asset subnumber (flexible updating)
  3. 0ASSET_AFAB                        
    Depreciation area real or derived

then the transaction data

  1. 0FI_AA_11             
    FIAA : transactions and / or
  2. 0FI_AA_12             
    Posted depreciations (period values)

Overview of the Data Flow

The following graphic shows the data flow of the transaction data from extraction from the OLTP system (R/3) to the InfoCubes. The individual objects are described in the sections InfoSources, ODS Objects and InfoCubes.

The master data objects and multiprovider are not shown.