Flight Data Application: Demo Example for Integration Technologies


The following example of an application is based on the flight data model of the ABAP workbench, and is intended for use in training courses and demo materials only. The application is not intended to be used productively.

It can be used mainly for explaining SAP integration technologies – especially the integration technology ALE and the interface concepts BAPI and IDoc. Real application scenarios are too complex for illustrating these and related technologies and concepts. They require specific application knowledge and certain system settings (Customizing), and can therefore be used for arranging technology only with limitations.

For this reason, we provide a demo application with the following properties:

  • The application is simple, comprehensible, and requires little training effort.
  • It requires no specific application knowledge.
  • It is complex enough to explain all the relevant technologies.
  • It requires little Customizing and can be set up easily.


The example application can be used to illustrate the following topics:

  • General BAPI concept
  • Business objects in the BOR
  • Generic object services in the BOR
  • Implementation of BAPIs
  • BAPI customer enhancement
  • Mass data-enabled BAPIs
  • BAPIs in the DX Workbench
  • Use of BAPIs in ABAP programs
  • BAPIs in Application Link Enabling (ALE)
  • Generation of ALE interfaces (IDocs) from BAPIs
  • Use of ALE distribution model
  • BAPIs in the Interface Repository

You can also create your own demo applications for the following technologies:

  • Use of BAPIs with different connectors (Business Connector, DCOM Connector, and Java Connector)
  • Use of BAPIs from front-end applications (Business Server Pages)
  • Business Workflow

The documentation about the example application provides the following entry options: