Client Concept


The operator of a multiclient system (such as an application service provider (ASP)), must be able to provide a large number of customers with system resources and administration at minimum cost.

The SAP client concept allows you to map each customer to one client, without having to install and administer a separate (physical) system for each customer. This makes it possible for the provider to install a small number of SAP Systems, but still cater to a large number of customers. Costs are not only saved by sharing hardware and software, multiple customers also use the same application solution, including administration and support. To guarantee the secure and reliable co-existence of customers under a common system umbrella, certain rules must be followed.

The growth of the small and medium business market requires an analysis that weighs up the possible cost savings of multiple clients against the restrictions for solutions. It is important at this stage that reliable statements are made about the ability of components to deal with multiple clients.

This documentation describes the most important guidelines that you need to follow if you want to operate reliable multiple clients. These include requirements both for products and for all add-on products, project solutions, and customer developments.

This documentation is also a useful starting point for analyzing the multiclient compliance of a solution before going live.