CCMS Agents


The Monitoring Architecture provides an infrastructure for monitoring your IT environment and its components. Monitoring data is stored in the shared memory of every server with a running SAP instance or a running agent.

Read and write access from the central monitoring system is possible in two different ways:

·        Using a defined ABAP interface, in the case of an SAP instance

·        Using the CCMS agent, in the case of any server on which the agent is installed and active

CCMS agents are independent processes with an interface through RFC to a central monitoring system and an interface to the shared memory. They therefore allow you to:

·        Include SAP components that do not have an ABAP interface, such as the J2EE Engine or the Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

·        Include components that are not part of the SAP environment

·        Make available an alternative connection route to a shared memory segment

·        Optimize performance when reading and writing monitoring attributes and alerts, by using the push technology

·        Connect to a shared memory segment without requiring a free work process

Agents also make entirely new monitoring functions possible within the monitoring architecture:

·        You can monitor any log files.

·        You can monitor processes at operating system level. The actual monitoring is performed using the operating system collector SAPOSCOL. For detailed information about it, see Operating System Collector SAPOSCOL.

·        You can create central auto-reactions in which an auto-reaction method is started in the central monitoring system as a reaction to an alert in a monitored system. For detailed information about this, see Setting up Central Auto-Reaction Methods.

Agents monitor network data, including:

Ў        The configuration of the network environment, such as an interface or Domain Name System (DNS)

Ў        Network metrics, such as the length of time taken for a DNS address resolution

Implementation Considerations

You require CCMS agents for central monitoring, since the monitoring data is primarily transferred between the monitored components and the central monitoring system using the CCMS agents. For information about configuring central monitoring, see Configuring the Monitoring Architecture.