Analytical Applications


Analytical applications measure and optimize business processes because of their integrated data basis. You need to add a surplus value to the existing raw data, since a management option has already been considered, independent of system and application. They always relate to a process and measure the success of this process.

Analytical applications collect data, convert it into information, add intelligent algorithms, and support the execution of the required steps in the system.

A definition must remain fuzzy, since the analytical applications are created differently for each area. However, as a Basis requirement, the following conditions must be met:

  • Process support: supports a range of different applications that deal with specific tasks within a process. The analytical application checks and optimizes these tasks ad processes or finds potential for the development of new businesses.
  • Separation of function: Functions here are independent of the operative, transactional systems. However, the analytical application can read and set data from the operative system.
  • Time-dependent, integrated data from multiple sources: The analytical application extracts, converts and integrates data from various sources (both internal and external).


Analytical applications are always considered in combination with SAP BW and an operative system.