Business Server Pages


The SAP Web Application Server provides a page-based programming model with server-side scripting as well as server page technology for developing, designing and implementing Web applications: Business Server Pages (BSP). Server-side scripting enables direct access to all elements in the application server (such as function modules, database tables, ABAP Objects, and so on. ).

In the Web Application Server, the presentation is separate from the business logic. This makes it possible to implement front-end technology.

You can create HTML pages or Business Server Pages (BSPs) with server-side scripting in ABAP or JavaScript.

When creating your application, you can take advantage of the Model View Controller design patterns. The HTMLB and XHTMLB HTML Business libraries are available as BSP Extensions for a uniform layout and its associated usability advantages.

Introduction Notes

The installation guide for SAP Web Application Server is available in the SAP Service Marketplace under the quick link instguides under SAP Web Application Server and the relevant release. (

For information on the technical infrastructure of the SAP Web Application Server and SAP NetWeaver, see the quick link ti (technical infrastructure) ( in the SAP Service Marketplace, and the Network Infrastructure documentation.

You can find information about BSP browsers supported by SAP under


The Web applications that are created as part of BSP, called BSP applications (Business Server Page applications), are based on the Internet Communication Framework and the HTTP request handler IF_HTTP_EXT_BSP.

The SAP development environment (transaction SE80) has been enhanced with the Web Application Builder for BSP applications (see documentation on the Web Application Builder).


The documentation for creating BSP applications is divided into the following sections:

Security Aspects for BSP

User Concepts

Programming Model

Programming Environment

SAP Enterprise Portal




In addition to the examples described in the den BSP Tutorials, additional sample applications are available and delivered in the system. The most important applications are listed below.

Sample BSP Applications

Name of BSP application



Test application



Examples of the HTML Business library


Examples of the enhanced HTML Business library


Examples of the Pattern HTML Business library


Example of the model connection as part of the MVC Design Pattern