Finding Database Storage Problems (iSeries)

To display information on database storage problems, call transaction DB4COCKPIT.

  1. In the navigation frame choose Space ® State on disk.

The total number of tables, constraint indexes, and other indexes is displayed. The total size of each type is also displayed. When combined, these sizes give you the total amount of space being used by the SAP database.

At the bottom of the screen, the total ASP (auxiliary storage pool) size and the percentage used is displayed. If the percentage used is nearing 95%, you must perform system cleanup to free up space or add more storage to the ASP.

  1. To view size history information for tables, choose Space statistics. You can choose between a daily, weekly or monthly view on the data.
  1. To view current size information for tables, choose Detailed object analysis. This report allows you to choose a table and view the indexes over the table and their sizes. You can also view the size history of the table or the table structure.