State on Disk (iSeries)

This monitor provides the following information:

·        File statistics for tables and indexes in the SAP database library

·        SAP system tables, indexes, and views missing from the SAP database library or the ABAP Dictionary

·        Current disk status (available and used disk space)

To display information on the state on disk, call transaction DB4COCKPIT. In the navigation frame, choose Space ® State on disk.

The following features are available:



Refresh file statistics

Performs a new file statistics analysis either in the background or online

Consistency checks

·        Displays SAP system tables with missing primary keys

·        Displays all objects missing from the SAP database library or ABAP Dictionary

·        Displays the result of checking the SAP kernel with the ABAP Dictionary (transaction SICK)

Detailed object analysis

More detailed information on file statistics

Deleted row analysis (for all tables)

Displays how much space is reserved by deleted rows. You can use this information to decide which tables to reorganize to free disk space.

List damaged files

Checks the SAP database library for damaged files and display any that are found

Missing indexes

Displays all indexes (including primary keys) that are missing from the SAP database library or ABAP Dictionary

Space statistics

Displays size and record count history for tables by day, week or month

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