SQL Statements (iSeries)

This monitor displays SQL statements recorded by the memory-resident database monitor since the last IPL of the database server. The 300 slowest statements are displayed by default.

To display SQL statements, call transaction DB4COCKPIT. In the navigation frame, choose Performance ® Database Monitor ® SQL Statements.

The SQL statements are initially ordered by total time (descending). For more detailed information, double-click the SQL statement you are interested in.


       1.      To limit the result set of displayed statements or to show all statements, choose Set Filter.

The dialog box SQL Statements: Optional Filters appears.

       2.      Enter the corresponding data and choose Continue.

The following table lists some of the filters you can set:



Statement Function

Function of an SQL statement:

D:      DELETE
I:        INSERT
L:       DDL (DDL: Data Definition Language)
S:            SELECT
U:      UPDATE
O:      Others (for example, ROLLBACK, COMMIT)

Table Name

Name of table

SQL statements that access this table are displayed

Number of Executions

Number of times a statement has been executed

Maximum Number of Rows

Number of statements you want the monitor to display

For more information, see the IBM documentation: DB2 UDB for iSeries Database Performance and Query Optimizer. This documentation is available in the IBM Information Center.