Backup Overview (iSeries)

To access information on backup logs, call transaction DB4COCKPIT.

  1. In the navigation frame choose Backup and Recovery ® Backup Overview.
  2. To check the history of a backup that has not been completed, choose Database Backup History and double-click the backup you want to check.

    The Partial Backup window displays a list of tables.

  3. To check the journal receiver, choose Attributes of Journal Receivers.

The existing journal receivers are listed.

The following information is displayed:



Database Backup History

Lists all backups performed. You see the completed backups and the backups that run only partially.

You can also see a list of the tables. Depending on its number (below 1000) either the tables that have been saved or those that have not been saved are displayed.

Attributes of Journal Receivers

Lists all journal receivers that exist.

Status informs you which of the journal receivers is currently attached to the journal.