ABAP - Object Services


Object Services provide global services, which ABAP Objects language elements cannot provide themselves, to applications written in ABAP Objects.


These Object Services include:

·        A Persistence Service, used to manage persistent objects in the database

·        A Transaction Service, used to update persistent objects

·        A Query Service, used to search for and load persistent objects.

The exception class hierarchy lets you handle exceptions appropriately. (See Exception Handling).


Object Services represent a software layer, programmed in ABAP Objects, between the ABAP application program and the ABAP runtime environment. This layer helps you manage objects in the application program.

Application objects are managed using Object Services objects known as class actors or agents. There is exactly one class actor for each application class, used to manage the objects of that application class. As well as externally visible services, Object Services also includes services (in some cases used internally), such as an Undo Service and a general System Service.