SAP Knowledge Warehouse


The SAP Knowledge Warehouse (SAP KW) is the SAP Solution for all the material used in training, documentation and handbooks.

The SAP KW is an integrated environment for creating, translating, presenting, distributing, and managing information objects (info objects). For example, you can use SAP KW for:

·        Documentation (for example, application help)

·        Training material

·        Handbooks (especially for quality management)


You can use SAP KW for the following activities:

·        Modeling contents

You can create data models for various content types using the document modeling workbench. You can then use these data models to standardize and simplify the creation of contents.

For more information, see the documentation on the Document Modeling Workbench.

·        Creation and translation of contents

In the author and translation environment you can create, edit, and translate contents for your documentation, training material or handbooks.

Via a standardized interface you can establish links to other applications, in order to simplify the general work flow for users (for example, for translation you can use a workflow with status tracking). Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Visio are already integrated.

In Release 6.0 an XML editor, the Arbortext Epic Editor, has been integrated into the KW infrastructure. This allows you to create and edit training material and documentation in XML format in the XML Training and XML Documentation areas. For specific tips about working with XML content, see Editing XML Objects.

For more information see Changing Info Objects and Translating Info Objects.

·        Distribution (also, retrieval) of contents for knowledge consumers

End users can receive relevant information in a variety of presentation formats on their desktop, for example, as online user help, film or video or to print out.

·        Managing contents

All content is managed in such a way that the latest version of the right information is available to the right users.

For more information see the documentation on the Administration of SAP KW and the Installation handbook.