SAP System Security Under Windows

Windows manages administration tasks and provides access protection over its domain concept. A domain is a group of several computers that share a common user and security database. Within each domain, you define and administer your users and groups.

An SAP system that runs under Windows also uses the domain concept to manage administration tasks and to protect the servers from unauthorized access. The following list provides an overview of the sections that explain how SAP systems use this concept to protect its resources, as well as any measures that you should take.

·        Windows Groups and Users in an SAP System Environment

·        Assigning Groups

·        Protecting the Operating System Users Used in an SAP System

·        SAP Systems in the Windows Domain Concept

·        Security Measures When Using Windows Trusted Domains

·        Protecting SAP System Resources

·        Protecting Data Relevant to the SAP System

·        Defining Start and Stop Permissions

·        Protecting Shared Memory

·        Protection for Dynamically-Created Files (Files Created by ABAP)

·        Protecting Database Files

·        Setting Rights for an Installation with Several SAP Systems

·        Additional Information Windows Security