Dynamic Documents


Dynamic documents are a logical successor to traditional R/3 list output. They provide a flexible means of desigining areas on a screen that often contain data that does not have a structured output design, and therefore cannot be displayed using techniques such as the tree control or table control. They are displayed as HTML documents and, as such, fit better into the new graphical design of the SAP system than does more traditional list output.

Implementation Considerations

Dynamic documents allow you to create an area on a screen containing various graphical elements. You create them in your program using ABAP statements, from which the system generates the required HTML code. The finished HTML document is then displayed at runtime. This technique has several advantages:

·        You do not need to know HTML yourself

·        In contrast to HTML templates, which you could create yourself and display at runtime using the SAP HTML Viewer, dynamic documents provide a higher degree of flexibility. Because you build them up line-by-line in your program, you can make the inclusion of particular elements in the document dependent on conditions

·        There is a single formatting scheme, ensuring that documents throughout the system have the same look and feel

·        The color and style schemes of dynamic documents are automatically adjusted when the user changes the system colors in the GUI settings, so the final HTML documents always fit into the overall system settings

Dynamic documents use the SAP HTML Viewer control. Consequently, the same implementation considerations apply.


Dynamic documents are displayed using the SAP Control Framework. You can therefore use them in any SAP Container control:

·        In a reserved area on a screen

·        In an area docked to a screen

·        In a dialog box

·        In an individual sector of any of the above containers after it has been split using the SAP Splitter Container or SAP Easy Splitter Container.


A dynamic document can contain any of the following elements:

·        Text

·        Links

·        Pushbuttons

·        Input fields

·        Dropdown list boxes

·        Icons

·        Pictures

·        Tables


Your system contains a number of demonstration programs, which you will find in development class SDYNAMICDOCUMENTS.