Environment Variables


The CPI-C interface can be influenced by the following environment variables.


In the following the environment variables are listed with short explanations and value range.

·        SIDE_INFO

This variable defines the path and name of the side info table. Under UNIX and the SAP Gateway sets this variable in accordance with the value in the parameter gw/side_info (see Parameterization of the SAP Gateway).

Default values for UNIX and AS/400:     /usr/sap/<SAP System>/<instance>/data/sideinfo

·        CPIC_TRACE

This variable sets the trace level of the CPI-C API.

Values 0, 1, 2 or 3 are valid:
0:  No trace
1:  Error trace
2:  Complete process trace, short data trace
3:  Complete process and data trace

UNIX: The trace files can be found in the work directory.

Names of trace files:



AS/400:   CPICTRC<PID> (PID = process number)

Default value:  0


This variable determines the directory in which the CPI-C trace files are created.. By default, the trace files are created in the current directory.

·        CONVERT

Variable for conversion table.
 If you do not want to use standard tables, this variable lets you define your own conversion table for ASCII-EBCDIC conversion.

The CMCNVI and CMCNVO functions work with pre-defined standard tables.


This variable determines the time span in seconds after which a timeout is triggered during a connection setup. The gateway sets this variable to the value in the parameter gw/cpic_timeout (see Parameterization of the SAP Gateway).

Default value:  20

If you are using SAP’s SNC interface:

·        SNC partner_sncname

SNC name of the partner

·        SNC_LIB mysnclib

Name of the SNC library

Alternative: Define Side Info Parameters