Errors When Starting CPI-C Programs

Errors When Starting Remote Programs Using Remote Shell

When you use remote shell to start CPIC programs on other hosts, the following conditions apply:

·        The (gateway) UNIX ID must be available on the other host.

·        The gateway host must be entered in the remote host in the file ".rhosts". This file must be located in the HOME directory of the (gateway) UNIX ID.

·        The program you want to start must be installed in the HOME directory of the (gateway) UNIX ID on the remote host.

 Note on Testing

You can test this by logging on with the gateway ID and checking, using remote shell, whether the authorizations necessary for calling a remote program exist, and that this is in the search path of the gateway ID: To do this enter remsh <host> [-l user name] date or which <program> (on the target host).

Errors When Starting Registered Programs

When you start (open a connection to) a registered program in principle, two errors could occur:

·        The program you want to run is not registered. The program must be started by an administrator, otherwise no connection is possible.

·        The program you want to connect to is unable to accept the connection, as it is at this moment connected to a different program. In this case the gateway places the connection request in a local queue until the program can accept it. Though if a connection is not established within the time period gw/reg_timeout, a CPIC_TIMEOUT is notified to the caller.