Assigning a Translated File


You can assign any file to the components of a content object as a translation, thereby creating a translation without an editor.


The translation package to be translated was created with the KW Translator option and is stored on the PC.

You are in the KW Translator.


To assign a translated file to a component:

  1. Choose a component.
  2. Choose Edit ® Assign Translated File.

    A dialog box appears.

  3. Go to the directory containing the file you want to assign as translation.
  4. Choose the file and choose OK.

If you chose a primary component to which you want to assign a translation, you can assign further components as translation.


The chosen file was assigned to the chosen component as translation.

The content object is marked with status In Translation in the KW Translator.

You can set the status to Translated when you have completed translation of the content object.