Displaying Internal Orders

Enter an order number.

To display the master data for this order, choose Master data.
The form contains entries depending on the selected order type or reference order.

    1. Enter an explanatory long text
    2. You can make entries in the fields that have a white background
    3. In the status group box, you can change the system status from released to technically completed.
    4. You can set or undo a lock using Set/reset.
    5. Save your entries.

To change the master data for this order, choose Change order.
This takes you to the request for master data change.
For more information, see the SAP-Library under Financials ® Controlling ® Internal Orders ® Master Data For Internal Orders ® Master Data Maintenance In The Intranet ®Requesting Master Data Change.

To display a list of the costs incurred on this order, choose Cost Analysis.
This takes you to a overall cost report that lists the costs incurred on the internal order during the entire runtime.

For more information on overall cost reports, see the SAP Library under Financials ® Controlling ® Internal Orders ® Information System For Internal Orders ® Report Types For Internal Orders ® Overall Cost Reports.