Making Budget Supplements to Projects


To make a budget supplement to a project, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Logistics or Accounting -> Project System -> Controlling -> Budgeting -> Supplement -> To project.
    The Post Supplement: Initial Screen appears.
  2. In the initial screen, enter the required issue date for the original document in the document date field. The system defaults today's date, but you can overwrite this if required.
    If you want to enter a lot of similar items, you can enter default values (listed below) in the Template field group for the supplement items that you want to enter afterwards:
  • Receiver year
    The Receiver year is the year in which the receiver object receives additional budget. To enter budget supplements in different years, leave this field empty.
  • Total values too
    If you select this indicator, the system changes the total budget for the receiver to the same extent as the annual values. To supplement total values only, select this indicator and leave the Receiver year field empty.
  • Text
    You can enter a short text in this field to describe the supplement.
    • Long text
      You can enter the name of a standard text describing the supplement in this field.
    • You can search for an existing text using the F4 help.
      The Find standard texts dialog box appears. You can enter the search criteria for a text search here.
    • If you want to create a long text, enter a description and choose Execute.
      The system displays a message that the text cannot be located.
      Choose Continue.
      A dialog box appears, in which you are asked if you wish to create the text. Once you have confirmed this, go to the editor for standard texts.
  1. If required, enter short text.
  2. Choose Continue.
    The Post Supplements: List Screen appears.
  3. Allocate the supplements by entering the receiver WBS element and the amount. If the template does not specify it, select the receiver year and. if required, the option to include total values. You can use the Detail function to make changes in the text and long text fields.

The following functions are provided under Supplement:

    • Hold
      You can use this function to save entered items before an interruption in your work for example. The entry rows that are put on hold appear automatically when you restart the function, providing they are not posted.
    • Check
      You can use the checking function before posting to determine whether the entered items contain any errors. The system selects any rows containing errors, and you can display a list of these errors by choosing Extras ® Display error log. To print out the error log, choose Extras ® Print error log.
    • Post
      The supplement items that you entered are posted. Any rows containing errors found by the system are not posted. These are selected and displayed in the error log. If posting is completed successfully, the system deletes any backups that you made using the Hold function.