Distributing Annual Budgets

You can plan the years that are likely to be needed to realize a project either before or after the distribution of the overall budget.

  1. Choose Logistics or Accounting -> Project System -> Controlling -> Budgeting -> Original budget -> Change.
    The Change Original Budget: Initial Screen appears.
  2. Enter the necessary data and choose Continue or Original budget.
  3. The Change Budget: WBS Element Overview screen appears.
  4. Place the cursor on the WBS element where you want to distribute annual budgets.
  5. To call up the annual overview, choose Annual Overview.
  6. The Change Original Budget: Annual Overview screen appears. The system displays the overall budget (if any) on the WBS element, and the fields ready for input for the annual values.

Alternative procedure:
Instead of specifying the annual values for a certain WBS element using the annual overview, you can also budget all WBS elements for a certain year.

Use either the Period list box or the menu to select the year.

  1. Choose Goto -> Annual values to call up the element overview for the start year with the fields ready for input for the budget values.
  2. Choose Goto -> Timeframe -> Timeframe to call up the Timeframe dialog box, with the entry field Year, which contains the start year.
    You can now choose a this timeframe or overwrite the year entry to choose another timeframe.
  3. If you choose Continue then the system displays the element overview for the selected timeframe, with the fields ready for input in the WBS elements.
  1. Enter your annual budget for the selected WBS element.
  2. Use this method to budget for all WBS elements in the project.
  3. Check your budgeting and save the budget values.

The Copy view, reevaluate, and Total up functions are also available for budgeting annual values.