Budget Supplement


If the funds provided are not sufficient, the system enables you to use budget supplements, which can be used on the project.


There are two types of supplement for projects:

In The Project

You make a supplement in the project from the top-down, from a higher level WBS element to the one below. You can supplement only as much budget on a WBS element, as is contained in the higher level.

The amount of budget left depends on the distributable or available values. The available value is the difference between distributable and assigned values. The system determines these values in the controlling area currency or object currency, and includes budget line items that were entered in different currencies.

To The Project

By making a supplement to a project, you make particular supplements, meaning that you provide a selected WBS element with additional external budget. This is independent of the remaining budget on the higher level. The system updates the supplemented budget on the WBS "upwardly".

If you use more than one currency for budgeting, the system always translates a supplement with the current exchange rate into the controlling area currency or object currency. If the exchange rate for the supplement is different from what it was when you entered the original budget, the new total budget was translated using an average rate.

Budgeting in the object currency with projects whose WBS elements have different object currencies may mean that there are budget line items on WBS elements in currencies that differ from the object currency.
For more information, see
Budget Transfers.

You cannot supplement budget in all project statuses. The project or the WBS elements for which budget is to be supplemented need to have a status that allows the Budget supplement business transaction.

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