Making Budget Supplements in Projects


You make a supplement in a project in the same way as manual budget allocation: The values are entered and displayed hierarchically on the WBS.
You can allocate supplements to the total budget and / or to individual annual budgets. The order in which you do this is not important, similar to budget allocation.


To supplement budget in the project, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Logistics or Accounting -> Project System -> Controlling -> Budgeting -> Supplement -> Change.
    The Change Supplement: Initial Screen appears.
  2. Enter the required data and choose Supplement
    The Change Supplement: WBS Element Overview screen appears.
  3. Enter the corresponding data.

    Only the WBS elements where the Budget supplement business transaction is allowed are ready for input.

  4. To select the timeframe for which you want to allocate a supplement, choose Annual Values -> Previous or Next.
  5. Allocate the supplements then choose Continue.
    The system displays the updated view as well as the supplements, for example, the Distributed value.
    Totaling up, adjustment, and other functions in budget allocation, are available for supplements in the project.
  6. Save your supplements.