Totaling up Budget Values


Different people who are responsible, for example, for certain project areas or WBS elements, can budget for projects decentrally.

If budgeting is decentralized (budgeting upwards or bottom-up), the person responsible for the overall budget requires an overview of the sectional budgets. They need to be totaled up, meaning that the budget values are in a hierarchy, and so that it is not possible for more budget to be distributed "below" than is available "above".

However, there may be more budget on a higher level than is distributed on the lower level.


The Totaling up function provides you with an overview of the budget values that were actually distributed.

You can use this function at any time during budgeting.


Call up the function by choosing Accounting ® Project system ® Controlling ® Budgeting ® Original budget ® Change ® Original budget ® WBS-Element overview ® Edit ® Total up.

You can select a particular timeframe, or you can total up total values.

The budget values of a project or a project area are totaled up. This means that they are totaled up for the higher level in the work breakdown structure and displayed there. At the same time, the system overwrites a budget value on a WBS element with the distributed value (roll-up), in other words, the total of the distributed budget values from the lower level.

A WBS element has a budget of USD 100,000. USD 50,000 and USD 25,000 of which are distributed to two WBS elements on the level below. If you trigger the totaling up function, the budget of USD 100,000 is overwritten by the distributed value of USD 75,000.