Budget Management for Internal Orders


The budget is the approved cost structure for an internal order or an order group.

In contrast to planning, budget management is binding. In the planning phase you need to estimate costs, whereas during the approval phase, funds are prescribed by the budget.


The following different budget types exist:

  • Original Budget
    This is the budget originally assigned, before any updates were made.
  • Budget Updates
    Unforeseen events, additional requirements, for example, price rises for external activities, and so on. This may mean you need to update the original budget, in the form of:
  • Supplements
  • Returns
  • Current Budget
    This is derived from the budget types already mentioned:


Original budget






Current budget

The method for assigning and updating budget, and for configuring availability control for internal orders or order groups is similar to that for projects, except that projects are organized in a hierarchy.

For more information on budgeting, see: Budget Management, and Availability Control.

Investment programs enable you to manage and monitor budgets that cover more than one order.
You can find more information in the SAP Library, under Financials ®
Investment Management (IM) ® Investment Management Overview.