Budget Updates

Unforeseen events, additional requirements, price rises for external activities, and so on may mean you need to update the original budget,

There are three types of budget update:

  • Supplements
  • Returns
  • Transfers

You can also update the budget using the change function in the budget. The system logs the changes as line items.

The time to "freeze" a budget as an original budget, and to update it with supplements, returns and transfers depends on when you want to log data origins, in other words the sender-receiver relationships for the updates. You therefore use budget updates to prove where supplements, returns and transfers originated, and where they are to be used.
You do this using status management.

For example, the Budgeting business transaction is allowed in the Created status. You create a user status in the status profile. This prohibits the Budgeting business transaction, but allows the Budget supplement, Budget return, and Budget transfer business transactions. When you have specified the original budget, you set the user status so that the budget can only be updated using supplements, returns, or transfers.
For more information on status management, see the SAP Library under Accounting ® PS-Project System ® Structures ® Status Management.

If availability control is activated for a project or an order, then each update is checked.
For more information, see:
Availability Control.

The current budget is calculated as follows:

The current budget is calculated as follows:


Original budget








Current budget